Squash Tomato

A budget-friendly grocery shopping list application

Squash Tomato is a budget-friendly grocery shopping list. You can't lose it. You won't forget it. It's your list, pen, and calculator combined!

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As creators, we identify as X, Y, and Z... I'm a chef, a competitive volleyball player, and a full-stack web developer. Maybe you are a fitness enthusiast, father, and designer. Regardless of what identifies us, we all share one equal truth - things that take time away from doing the things we love, the things people identify us as, are toxic to our being and our potential. For me, one of these things is the entire process of grocery shopping, from making a list to ensuring I had all the items on my list at the supermarket. It's timely. It's redundant. It takes time from doing what I really want to be doing, so I built Squash Tomato. Squash Tomato makes making a grocery list really simple. It's all on your phone, so you can't lose it or forget it πŸ˜† . It's a web app, so you don't have to download anything. It's barebones, light, and "problem-facing." It solves the issues with making a grocery list, marking items off when you've found them, and ensuring the items in your cart won't exceed your budget. This is my first product and I'm incredibly happy with it πŸ˜ƒ ! I would love your feedback once you've used the application to go to the supermarket! Will you be happy replacing your paper list? Did it fall short of some of your expectations? Is there any thing you wish it would solve for you? Thanks everyone! Chris.
@chrisjohnsoct congrats. Good start. I think if you add price info into this, you would be on to a really useful app.
@chrisjohnsoct one step a time. i think you on too something

Looking forward to trying this out more in the future!


Simple to use and easily accessible


Would love to see what additional features!

Great Product In General, Will be using it and I hope the family share feature gets into it :D


Allows easy management of grocery, removal and addition of items is also easy, The Clear button is neat.


there's no share button through which I can share my list with family, so they can make amendments and all.