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Stand out in any inbox with Squarespace Email Campaigns. Our all-in-one platform makes it easy to unify your brand voice—from your homepage to your emails.

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Owner of NoraConrad.com

I've used three different email marketing tools over the last few years, Mailchimp, Covertkit and Mailerlite. When I saw SS would be launching their own email marketing features, I was excited to test it out and use it on my site. There are some really great features so far, but it's really lacking some key things that I would need in order to fully make the transition to SS marketing away from Mailerlite:

1. Email automation. When my visitor subscribes to an email, I might want to send them a free downloadable PDF, or welcome them to the newsletter. Right now, there's no automation whatsoever

2. Searchable Lists. If I receive a bounce back from an email newsletter asking me to update their email address, I'd have to scroll through thousands of subscribers to find the email and update it. You can't even find people using control F.

3. Newsletter Templates. I want my emails to look the same for branding. Right now, you can only "copy" an email you've already sent out. You can't duplicate drafts or set a template up yourself.

4. Email Sequences. If I wanted to set up a drip campaign or an email ecourse, I wouldn't be able to do it on SS. This is one of the main reasons I won't be paying for the service until this feature is added. This is how I make my money from marketing and email newsletters.

I think there is a ton of potential with SS marketing, but it's going to need some upgrades before it replaces my current tools.


Simple design that works flawlessly with your site


Needs serious feature upgrades before it is robust enough to use for a business

Owner of NoraConrad.com
Thought of another feature - scheduling emails! I'd love to have drafts auto-send for a scheduled time and day.
Health Coach
Really helpful review as I currently use Mailchimp with all the missing features from SS you mention. You've saved me a tonne of time trialling it myself :)
Data Engineer by day | Streamer by night

@Squarespace used its incredible design expertise to make emails looks good again


Clean and beatiful design


Not at this time.

Strategy and SEO for creatives

I'm not sure what the pricing is/will be but this could definitely replace Mailchimp for people who just need a simple email campaign.

If you need more (ie tagging, commerce) then this isn't for you.


Beautiful, easy to use


No advanced features