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Squarespace is killing it. Smart move into single pages; watch out About.me, Strikingly.
@dshan I just tried the link and it says "WE COULDN’T FIND WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR" did they discontinue this feature, do you know? - also a general question arises, @rrhoover what happens with upvoted, curated products that went 301 / 302 or even 410?! 😱
Really nice looking about.me-style themes: Backstory Cover Debut Flagship Focus Harbor Portrait Premier Record Reveal Spotlight Tour
@chrismessina Beast of an intro comment! :)
I'm loving Squarespace's Coverpages. I can quickly customize what I need and have so much control over everything. It's actually what allowed me to quickly create my site's landing page (PrayerHandsSweatshirt.com) in roughly 30 minutes.
These Coverpages are gorgeous. Very impressive work by SS.
Gorgeous. Makes me want to set one up.