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Lenny Hu
Designer and Product Guy
Has anyone tried this yet? I really wanted to use Squarespace 6 to make a landing page, but I thought it was pretty clunky and limiting. Eventually I just decided to build it myself.
Floyd Miller
Head of Customer Experience, Albert
@LennsHu Looks like the cover page feature might be a fit?
Alex Cornell
Cofounder at Cocoon
I love Squarespace 6 (have five sites on it), and am super excited about the release of 7. It's absolutely absurd how much better SS is than the competition, and I've tried almost everything. Most of my gripes with SS6 SEEM to have been fixed in SS7, so I'm excited to check it out. Good lord their marketing video work is amazing as well..
Writes and makes and loves ideas.
@alexcornell Hey Alex, you say you have 5 sites on squarespace. I'm very interested to use squarespace too so my question is: Can i pay 8$ for 20 pages and use for example 5 sites for domain a and 15 sites for domain b? Or do I need a separate account for each domain ?
Jai MitchellProduct designer
Oh man! I've spent a fair chunk of my free time over the last couple of weeks trying to get a simple looping background video to work on Squarespace 6 on a site for a friend. I literally emailed him last night saying perhaps SS wasn't the right solution, and today they launch with background looping videos everywhere. It bloody better be easy enough to implement within their CMS!!
Paul Kemp
The App Guy Podcast
@jaiganticness Hey Jai - did you figure out the looping videos yet in SS7 CMS? I've just looked looked at the new SS7 dashboard for the first time, I can't see anything to help me insert a looping video in the background. Ironically, the SS7 home page has a slick looping video : http://www.squarespace.com/seven . Let me know what you find. Great Stuff! https://twitter.com/paul_s_kemp
Jai MitchellProduct designer
@paul_s_kemp I emailed them after a bit of messing around, effectively they said that all their marketing sites run on the squarespace platform, but adding looping video to mine would require developer mode, which they don't offer support or advice for :-/
Max WoodFlux.co.uk
Super slick webiste, I love this page http://www.squarespace.com/seven...
Ian Mikutel
Sr. PM Lead, Ink & AI @ Microsoft.
Been a Squarespace customer/fan for years, even interviewed Anthony, their founder, a few years ago for a podcast I was starting (never released unfortunately). Just played around with 7 (my account was upgraded already, they're doing it in batches) and the biggest thing I wanted was a Medium-style interface for authoring content--and they still don't seem to be there yet. I'm not sure why no one besides Medium is doing this. Creating an elegant, clean interface for authoring that actually inspires me to write (like Medium does) but isn't bound to Medium's platform (very little control, no custom domain, etc.) is what I expect from Squarespace, but it still has yet to come. Nonetheless, a great upgrade for a great product.
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