Square Photo Studio

Studio quality product photography at a remarkably low price

We wanted to provide sellers with an affordable, scalable, and easily accessible alternative to traditional photography. Square Photo Studio uses a robot to shoot professional product photos - all for just $9.95 a product and $29.95 for a 360-degree spin.
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7 Reviews5.0/5
Really excited to launch Square Photo Studio and make amazing product photography more accessible. Maybe you've tried to take shots with your phone and noticed how difficult it is to get it to look right, or maybe you've spent thousands of dollars to buy a DSLR and struggled with white balance -- there should be a better way! Product photos can make or break sales online, and great photography can increase your conversion rate by 30% or more. We worked really hard to get the price down to just $9.95 per product or $29.95 for a 360 spin -- this is an order of magnitude less than what you'd pay anywhere else! Would love any feedback or ideas!
Hello! A couple of questions: How do I deliver my products to you? Will you ship it back after the photo shoot? Any bulk deals available?
@aleksandr_betra Thanks for the questions. You can ship your products to our Brooklyn studio. We currently offer a pre-paid shipping label if you place a larger order. There's an option at checkout to add return shipping for just $8 an order. There's a potential for bulk pricing depending on what you're selling (certain items are a lot more difficult to shoot than others) - you can reach out to photo-studio@squareup.com for specific bulk requests.
Quality eCommerce photos at a very affordable price! I completely understand the turnaround time, high quality photos take time, not every object photographs the same or even edits the same
This looks really promising. Would like to get some headshots!
@lance_wilcox My first thought too. Then my second: I don't want to ship my head.
Pretty useful! I've been using Fiverr for my eCommerce photo needs but will try this next time. Although the 14 day turn around is a bit long but the 360* photo is neat feature.
@parag_r thanks for the feedback Michael and glad you'll try us out! We're really excited about the 360 photos - and you can seamlessly use the images on a Square Online Store which is a big plus. The 14-day turnaround is definitely something we're looking to improve and is a big focus for us in the next few months