Square Cash is a peer-to-peer payment app from Square, with full bitcoin support.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
I wish this was available in the rest of the world.
Square Cash has been my go to way to pay babysitters and friends for the last month. It passes the "mom test": my mother is using it now :)
they did an amazing job with this product, fun fact if you don't have email set up on your iphone BUT you do have the gmail app installed, it'll switch gracefully.
This is too awesome for words! my roommates and I use it for apartment bills, I just paid a friend back for a ticket -- it's just soooo convenient and easy! With that said -- does anyone know how safe this truly is? they say they are and I guess I trust it but anyone have real insight on this?
I love this product. It's my preferred method for transactions with friends. The "hack" that they're using to do it is so simple, but brilliant. When you send money to someone, Square "refunds" the recipient's debit card for the amount you're sending. 24 hour turnaround time and so smooth!