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I've been hoping that Square would bring this to market. Ever since using Apple Pay for the first time, there's always this hope that the next place I visit supports it. Now even food trucks and coffee shops will get it! Stoked.
Apple today announced that they've worked with Square to bring Apple Pay to small businesses everywhere. Still free, just reserve on the site!
Is this a Chip+PIN or Chip+Signature device? If it is Chip+PIN, how can it be EMV compliant if it does not have the PIN keyboard on the physical device? There are so few details about these specifics on the product page. Can anybody elaborate?
@paracycle Their main focus on the announcement was on Apple Pay. Square's site doesn't confirm anything besides accepting chip (EMV) cards.
@paracycle EMV compliance doesn't require pin. America will be introducing EMV via Chip+Signature and do not currently have a timeline to introduce chip+pin (as used in Europe) as far as I'm aware.
@_jacksmith OK, it makes sense in that case. However, I still find it surprising that anyone would even consider doing a wide scale deployment of Chip+Signature when Chip+PIN is way more secure.
I don't expect the final device to be called Square + Apple Pay. As the piece notes "Apple Pay (and other contactless payments)" - it' just EMV. Android Pay will work with it also.
Note: It's free via Square reimbursements.