Snapchat for groups of friends πŸ™

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I've been using Squad with my closest friends for a while -- and it's a super-fun way to keep in touch with them. Think Snapchat married GroupMe and had a kid. That's Squad. It's a good kid. ;-)
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The chat looks like Peach πŸ‘ If Snapchat added group functionality (which I'm sure they have considered) then how would you see Squad competing?
@bentossell Good question Ben. It's difficult to say how Squad and Snapchat would overlap if Snapchat added group functionality, we'd have to see how they set that up. Right now the user experience is quite distinct from Snapchat. We use 'Snaps for Groups' as a tagline because users get the value and what the app does right away, and in a very succinct and sharable tagline. That's especially critical with our target demo, teens and early 20s. We really see Squad as an evolution or advancement of group texting, which actually hasn't seen a lot of product innovation in a while despite there being countless messaging apps. As for the chat looking like Peach, coincidental as we launched in late November.
@kstalzer Oh I wasn't implying anything by the chat similar to peach :) An interesting use-case for Snapchat I have seen recently is the adoption of tech investors/VCs/Angels etc using it a lot more. @Mazzeo even hosted @Lowercase 'Office Hours' yesterday. As I understood it, Matt started a convo through his story and then individuals got back to him in separate snap-threads. Doing this as a group exercise could be something really cool to experiment with! Teens and early 20s are often quick to adopt and quick to ditch things... so potentially looking at other interesting use-cases could be cool!
@bentossell I was thinking it looks like Peach as well. I'm not certain there is space for so many chat apps between friends..thoughts?
@automateiq @bentossell I think that's the natural inclination of 'our' generation (late 20s and up). But if we as a company have learned nothing else over the last 3 years, it's that the Gen-Z opinion is completely different than ours as it relates to product. What they want to share, with whom, how frequently and with what goal. We constantly have to check ourselves as we build product experience...what we'd want vs what our users want in the experience. It's often very different. To see an example of this, you need to look no further than how many industry and product experts write about how confusing Snapchat's UX is, even to this day despite incredible growth and daily engagement with this demo. Early returns on our data also validate that, particularly return engagement and frequency of posting expiring statuses. It's off the charts, quite literally.
@kstalzer @bentossell You hit the nail on the head, it's all about target demographic and it kills me when people comment who are not part of the demographic or target. What is the age range you are looking for... or who is your ideal?
This is a really fun consumer app that helps you share updates with your closest friends. The user experience is pretty slick and has a bunch of cool unique views and interactions.
Like the product. Really don't get why each squad is time limited. And why when you feel all the dots you can't do anything else for the remaining of time
Reminds me of Fleek. Even the mascots are both cephalopods.