Painless Client Requests

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Super useful startup for firms who have to collect a lot of the same time of information from clients (accountants, lawyers, VCs even) that the Potato Salad Kickstarter guy is a developer at. Plus the copy on their site is super fun.
looks like it could be annoying to be on the receiving end of
@_jacksmith depending on how it's delivered, it could be very helpful. Admittedly, I need reminders to pay contractors sometimes, along with the million other small administrative/logistical things I have to do.
@rrhoover "depending on how it's delivered" - was basing on the screenshots of what the recipient email looks like
@_jacksmith I don't really see how this is annoying or how it makes me receive any more reminders or emails. I hire an accountant and they need certain documents from me, I'm going to send them. Once I do that, I'm not going to get any reminders. I'm not going to hire and pay them not to do anything. Maybe I'm a little busy the first time it asks, a reminder always helps. It just saves the service provider from having to do it manually and track everything themselves.
@andyfortson this picture looks annoying/spammy: I can't remember the name of the product, but something was posted last week or so (can't find via search also), which auto generates plaintext followups, so it looks like you sending the email - I think that would be a better UX imho.
@_jacksmith i think reminders are an edge-case of a value proposition for the app. at its core, Sqrl is more aligned with the organization of requests and files for both Sqrl's (b2b) client and the consumer client. It's an app that is solving a very painful problem for those that experience it, but a problem that potentially seems completely nonexistent to those without the context required to be aware that it exits. Acute problem solving for businesses via software in a very niche market.
@_jacksmith don't want to come hard to you. You should know that I'm a co-founder so take my comments with a grain of salt. However I think your concerns (and feedback from a UX/UI standpoint) are valid. I think @pomajp paraphrases the heart of the application best. Ultimately the application is best fit for the B2B enterprise. Those wanting to maintain a branded experience. Banks, accountants, mortgage lenders, lawyers. Parties sending very large volumes of requests and dearly need structure and automation. Where the application gets interesting is when you think about it in the context of "external facing communication" at any level. How do you efficiently interact with parties which you couldn't actually "collaborate" with (read: bring into a Basecamp or Asana like environment). Tech is great, but now we all play our own air traffic controller, what's the best way to facilitate that process? That's where Sqrl will be heading into the future. @rrhoover thanks for allowing us to be apart of the hunt!
@craignbaldwin cool. Thanks for letting us in on your vision for the future direction of the product.