Sqreen API

A security toolbox for developers

The Sqreen API allows you to tap into our extensive knowledgebase to discover security risks hiding in your own data. Find out whether that email address is from an anonymizing service, or that IP address is a Tor exit point. You can even find out if the address has been implicated in a past security attack.

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Howdy Product Hunt! And Thank you @picsoung! I'm Don, developer advocate at Sqreen. We're excited to be launching the Sqreen API, which allows you to tap into our extensive database of malicious actors and activity to make your apps more secure and safer for your users. The two endpoints we are releasing today allow you to tap into Sqreen's extensive database of bad actors and malicious behavior to discover whether an email or IP address poses a risk to your app. These endpoints can answer questions like: • Does that email address originate with an email anonymizer? • Is that IP address a Tor exit node? • Where is this user on the map? • Has this user ever been implicated in a known attack in the past? Use this information to flag or screen signups to your service, to detect if unusual activity is originating from a suspicious address, and to generally arm yourself with additional risk assessment when you need it. You can get started by creating an account if you don't have one, and either creating a new Developer Sandbox or using the API key assigned to your existing apps in Sqreen. https://my.sqreen.io/new-applica... Once you've got an API key, head over to the documentation to see how to get started quickly. https://doc.sqreen.io/reference Of course, we'll be watching here for your feedback and comments!
The awesome Sqreen team just released a really nice product using their security knowledge and best practices. With Sqreen API you just need to make 1 API request sending an email address or an IP address, and it will let you know if it belongs to a fraudster. It's really easy to integrate to your signup page for example. Definitively a good way to protect your app from attackers :) Good job! I have also added Sqreen API to "Made in 🇫🇷" collection.
So excited to test this new API by Sqreen ! Love the doc btw ;)
@shub_s thanks! And we hope the docs will only get better as we keep working on them.
Opsec teams are the modern times unsung heroes. Sqreen makes it really easy to do it well!
Hi Sqreen / Don, This API seems so useful... thanks for the release. Just to clarify a bit more, what's the 'risk_score' exactly? If I want to implement the API on my site and block real bad guys, is there a suggested threshold? Or should I block anyone above 0?
@jice_lavocat Thanks for the question. This is our own subjective analysis of whether you should trust this address to behave nicely. It ranges from 0 to 100. I would start flagging addresses at around 50 or so, and outright banning at 80. Scores of 10–30 are usually nothing to worry about, but might be worth keeping tabs on as they use your app. I'll update the documentation to reflect this—thanks for the feedback!
@degoodmanwilson @jice_lavocat Risk score is dynamically computed from IP properties (TOR, Open Proxy, ...), Date/Time, and attacks detected by our community. If an attack is detected from this source, attack type, duration, intensity are taken into account to raise the risk score accordingly. For instance, a source performing basic security scan will have a lower risk score than a source performing account takeover attacks or stressing web applications to look for SQL injections.
@pbetouin @degoodmanwilson Thanks for the answer. Alright, so banning at 80... I'll use that.