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Nicolas Dessaigne — Co-founder & CEO, Algolia
Getting protection for web applications was a security experts only area before.
Check out Sqreen demo, protecting applications from the inside. They have just released their public version for Ruby on Rails applications and it's oriented for developers!

Really helpful if you guys are looking for a kind of new relic for security into your apps ;)
Pierre Betouin — Co-founder & CEO, Sqreen
Thank you @dessaigne, we are super glad to release Sqreen today!

We were frustrated about state of security in web development. We want to change the way developers deal with security so we decided to build a simple and app-centric solution.

With Sqreen you can:
- Get transparent protection into your web app in (really) 30 seconds
- Monitor security events triggered in real-time
- Drill down to vulnerabilities in your code directly
- Monitor security threats of 3rd party packages you are using
- And get back to your code to build new features ;-)

Questions? Feedback? Let us know, we'd love to hear it!
Danny Fiorentini — Founder of @MuzeekHQ
I just came to say that your GIF is legendary!
Pierre Betouin — Co-founder & CEO, Sqreen
Thanks @dannyfiorentini, all the love is for @maxcm ;-)
Thanks @dannyfiorentini ! I'm glad you like it ! I hope we made it clear ! :)
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