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Hi everyone! I wrote SQL School for all the folks in marketing/biz dev/finance/product who want to level up their data skills. It's written in plain english and omits a bunch of complex stuff that you would only need as a developer or DBA. Happy to answer any questions.
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@dereksteer Thank you! There really aren't enough tools like this, yet
This is amazing. SQL School democratizes tremendously valuable training that was otherwise trapped in esoteric or private knowledge bases. Knowing SQL was super helpful as a PM at Yammer - I'm glad the Mode team is sharing this stuff widely.
I really like this approach. So many other code tutorials jump right into the how. I love that this explicitly states "Here's who this tutorial is intended for. Here is the background education we assume you have." Every tutorial should do that.
Really like this idea - would love to hear more about who has been using the product, how long it took to build, etc.
@josephkerns We've been working on Mode for about a year. It's a big part of democratizing data at companies like Twitch and Crowdflower -- they use Mode to share analysis and empower others with self-serve access to data. We built SQL School in the spring over the course of a couple weeks after getting a lot of feedback from non-technical users that other SQL tutorials are terrible. We've been adding to it gradually since then.
At RelateIQ, many of our team members use Mode to work on their queries, and use SQL School to learn. I'm using it myself and it's awesome! I'm hoping it becomes THE resource for learning more SQL. Other places I visit that I love are periscope.io and w3schools.