Reddit meets Yik Yak for photos

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LORD ZILLA THE FIRSTMaker@fronz1lla · CEO Spur
Hello everybody, I'm Fronz, the CEO of Spur. We JUST released the app to the public last night, and the feedback has been wild. We crashed the servers within 60 seconds of launch and we are now crawling our way up the top charts. Right now we are at the #59 spot, and we are the #1 trending search on the entire app store. Anyways, Spur is a very simple mobile photo-sharing app based off a system of upvotes (much like PH, Reddit, or Yik Yak). I set out to create a unique photo sharing app when me and my partner Anthony realized there were NO upvote based photo sharing apps.... We immediately got to work because we felt this was a niche that had to be filled. It's proven to be extremely popular so far. Our main problem right now is the bugs we are encountering from the servers being overloaded. We are hoping to raise a first round of investment to help cover the costs of the servers we need to handle the amount of traffic we're getting. Thanks, Fronz
Mark Brenneman
Mark Brenneman@marksbren · Co-founder @healthiqapp
@fronz1lla Thanks for being here! Spur looks interesting and I am downloading it now. Out of curiosity, how did you achieve the #1 trending search spot? Are there tactics you used to climb the trending search list? From outward appearance it seems quite random (an app called "aa" is appearing on my list now...). I would really appreciate some insight into this new app discovery mechanism in the App Store.
Josh Barkin
Josh Barkin@joshbarkin · Co-founder @ Janis.ai
Curious as to why iOS version 8.1 is a minimum requirement?
Anthony S Geranio
Anthony S GeranioMaker@asg · iOS Engineer, Skillshare
@stagename - Originally planned on making overall 8.0 minimum requirement because we use some iOS 8 API's. I figured a good amount of people probably had 8.1, but thinking about downgrading the requirement back to 8.0 or even 7.0+ after some feedback.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Congrats on the launch, @fronz1lla. I'm curious to hear your thought process behind the downvote button. We intentionally avoided this on PH, in part because of the potentially negative undertone.
LORD ZILLA THE FIRSTMaker@fronz1lla · CEO Spur
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan. We decided to include the downvote button because upvotes & downvotes are anonymous on Spur. We are hoping this would promote honest opinions versus people just downvoting a photo out of hatred. No one will know who upvoted or downvoted their photo so users should just be real about it.
Adam Cudworth
Adam Cudworth@adamcudworth · iOS @ SwiftKey. Founder @ Ekho.
Based on the usage stats so far for Ekho (campus/student based app - similar to Yik Yak) I've been surprised just how many people are still on 7.x - with a *significant* number still on 7.0! Less than half are on 8.x. Personally, I wouldn't ship anything that requires 8.0+ at this point in time as you're immediately constraining your potential user base.