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I'm married and have been for over 10 years. In that time, I have become convinced that the process of matchmaking can be improved. Apps like Spritzr will make that possible. If I tell my wife about this app, I might not hear the end of it.
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@hnshah I've been telling my friends I want something like this for months!
Hi Hunters! I’m the Founder of Spritzr, the social network for matchmaking. I set it up because I found online dating to be exhausting. A ton of time was spent swiping and messaging, with few quality dates. I preferred meeting new people through my social circles - at parties, weddings, or through introductions. I wanted a way to find more such dates but without the effort or awkwardness involved in the real world. Here are a few reasons why Spritzr is different: 1. Matches come from humans (friends, professional matchmakers, or ‘crowdsourced’ from the community), not algorithms. 2. There’s a ‘pay it forward’ mentality. The more matches you find for others, the more they’ll find for you. 3. It’s for both single and married people. The latter act as Matchmakers alone. 4. It’s rewarding. Great matches earn you gratitude, recognition, ‘Karma Points’, and potentially more. We’re super excited to be up on Product Hunt and to answer any questions you might have. If you have any private feedback, feel free to email me at manshu@spritzr.com.
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Love the fact that you can play matchmaker! So much opportunity to continue to innovate in the dating space. Tinder got everyone off the desktop and into mobile, now products like Spritzr are going to drive innovation and bring new forms of engagement to everyone, not just single people! Bravo and keep it up!
Oooo now a dating app I could get behind... I always ask new dating apps, that essentially spin off the old matching system, why they are different and why it was made etc etc. This is quite a cool way to approach the dating scene. Yes I may have X amount of 'friends' in common with someone on Tinder but realistically they are probably more of an acquaintance and that doesn't actually mean anything in the matching process (no referral +1s really). However this way I feel you'd be much more inclined to trust the friend referring you.
@bentossell I'm thrilled that you like the approach. I really made the product for myself and my friends, who always complained about how exhausting standard online dating was. I kept hearing over and over again 'Wouldn't it be good to have a quick way to meet friends of friends to date'. So I started exploring how to do just that through a referral basis. That way you've got much more trust in the other person. Fundamentally, we believe that humans - particularly friends - are far better matchmakers than algorithms.
@manshuag definitely! Met pretty much all of previous relationships through friends...
This is clever. Cool that people who aren't single can get involved to help friends out etc. Great job - best of luck
@dannylowney thanks for the best wishes. Let me know if you enjoy using it to set up your friends.