A complete suite for agile scrum, Sprints by Ora is provides your team

with the ability to estimate stories in story points assign stories to sprints

see a burn-down, velocity and and other useful metrics.

As part of Ora, Sprints are free to up to 3 members.

Ora is the cleanest, most versatile and customizable workspace

you will ever find.

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7 Reviews5.0/5

The free plan is generous and I find it easy to get a project started. The Sprint feature is great. One gets velocity tracking out of the box!


Good UI and easy to get started


nothing thus far

It's a great honor for us to be featured on ProductHunt. I want to thank my team and all Ora users for making this possible! This one is for all scrum masters and agile gurus out there! We spend the last 3-4 months preparing this and polishing it so that we make running sprints a pleasant and productive experience for everyone. I would love to hear your feedback!
@uffou Looks pretty good, would definitely try it on our upcoming project. Some feedback, perhaps being nit picky, but it's generally a big turn off for me: 1) The Kanban board screenshot on the landing page has a typo "In Proress" 2) Under "Powered by Ora" that lists features, another typo "Code Highligh"
@uffou @a_patil Ha! It also jumped right out at me. It is a professional malformation of mine. Glad to see I am not alone.
moving to ora right now
@beenjamemes That's the spirit!
the ora logo looks pretty similar to front's
@tomfme Agreed, thought it was a product from Front at first. Something they might consider changing.
@tomfme @mattellsworth I don't believe they look alike, the ora logo is an O with a checkmark in it where the front is a circle resemling envelope. Ora logo is pretty old could be older than front (3 years ) so why should it change :) Thanks for the feedback thought!
@tomfme loot at Sberbank's logo :D So agile.
Looks beautiful and I've been searching for something that helps me manage my product. Giving this ting a test run.
@mattellsworth Sweet! Send us feedback from the app when you test it for a while, I would love to hear your thoughts on it.