How to solve big problems and test new ideas in 5 days

#2 Product of the DayMarch 08, 2016
  • Faiz Fadzil
    Faiz FadzilCo-founder, Beta Factory

    Good framework to develop and test ideas. Book has lots of real-world examples of the Sprint in motion. Checklists are invaluable.


    Hard to get a design sprint right the first time. For practitioners, there's a tendency to skip some parts that may seem 'unimportant'.

    We've been using Design Sprints in a large Malaysian telco, from 2016 to 2018, to rapidly test and validate new ideas to solving problems. Several issues come into play when adopting this in large traditional corporations:

    a) resistance to trying new things

    b) "sketching", "storyboarding" and other "new" exercises can often be seen as superfluous; some participants we've managed have looked at these parts as a waste of time

    If your team is thinking of doing this for your organization, some tips include:

    1. Do a mock run yourselves first, before facilitating others

    2. Have the book handy as a reference, and refer to it often -- even when you've been doing these sprints for a long time

    3. Be flexible with the sprint timing and agenda -- stakeholders in large corporations often don't have enough time to commit

    4. Be ready to chop and change the daily agenda around, especially when stakeholders, deciders and experts change their schedule at the last minute

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  • Dorothea Martin
    Dorothea MartinCreative Jedi

    Great results, enables team to collaborate in a good way


    It works better if you do more sprints (not really a con argument ;-))

    Love it for creative processes but also what it does for the team: enabling collaboration in a very structured and productive way

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We had the Jake and the GV team in our office running through their design sprint process back in November. Since then we've done 5 further sprints, and it's been a real gamechanger in making decisions quickly to test ideas as fast as possible.
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@td_evans By the way, that was a super fun sprint!
Excited for @jakek and @jazer's LIVE Chat next week! If you have outstanding questions for them - hop on over to LIVE March 15th, or sign up here: https://www.producthunt.com/live...
essential buy for all startups
Kindle edition is 2 USD more than hardcover and 4 USD more than paperback?!
@boetter Hmm, that's different than what I'm seeing.
@jakek @boetter Seems useful. Would you recommend getting the Audible version or is the ebook better?
@jakek I'm in Denmark, it might be a local thing, but still weird. I would expect an ebook to be at least 50% off the printed editon (considering printing, paper, shipping, warehousing, etc.). Here what it looks like with me: http://imgur.com/vZ10JFb
@boetter Yeah, that's weird, and I think you're right it's a local thing. Definitely not what we're seeing in the US.
@kovlex @boetter The book has a bunch of illustrations, so if you're on the fence, go ebook.
Is it out!? Been thinking about the book all evening, night and morning! Kinda felt like the day before my birthday. Can't wait to start reading and learning. 🤓
@david_hoogland Thanks! I can't believe it either, but it really is out today!
@jakek Must have been a great journey! Congrats on launching! Love the cover as well, awesome to know that Jessica was part of the project. Great team, great job. Hope everybody in our industry gets to read it.
@jakek Congrats! Looking forward to reading it
@david_hoogland Yeah, Jessica is AMAZING. If anybody's reading and doesn't know the backstory on the cover: https://medium.com/galleys/how-w...
@david_hoogland @jakek Agree, the cover is a right treat 👌👏