Universal Credit Card Token

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Justin from Spreedly here in case there are any questions I can help with.
@justinbenson Great to see you up here! Love what you have built
@frankdenbow Thanks Frank!
Do you envision being used to generate omni tokens which bridge in-store (traditional POS) payments with online?
@zameericle We do Zameer. We have some customer's doing early things to solve for that very issue so think that'll become more prevalent over the next 12 months for us.
@justinbenson I wonder how you're able to achieve tokenization with EMV enabled for instore card usage. This is a hurdle for Omni, but it doesn't seem like the various gateways/processors are talking to each other.
@zameericle It is a challenge and we don't have all the answers. But there are some interesting precedents/processes we've experienced as we've added support for ApplePay that we think are going to be EMV applicable. Feel free to email me directly to justin @ spreedly if you have more questions or feedback/knowledge you think helpful.
Looks like a great idea and is actually something I've been meaning to write about as a "must" for the industry. As someone who's been involved in charging money both online and offline I know how much of a hassle and also a risk this presents to customers and businesses. Apple Pay was a great disruption that relies on tokenization. I hope more companies will do the same. I do have a few question to @justinbenson: 1. The hardest task on your end IMO is to get businesses to adopt your API. How do you guys plan on doing that? 2. How do you plan to take this offline? Is this something a POS developer would be able to implement or would you distribute hardware to tackle that? Good luck!
Thank you Ariel! 1) Getting businesses to adopt our API is critical as you point out. We have a little under 250 today as those are mostly platforms who work across a lot of endpoints (SeatGeek might be the best example). In the long run we think referrals from the payment industry will be the best way forward. We make it as technically simple as possible by having an API that looks and acts like a modern gateway. So if you're comfortable integrating Stripe/Braintree then this experience will look like that. On 2) Taking it offline is a big part of the short term future. Here we're riding the coattails of bigger trends (mainly Omnichannel) We ourselves would ideally not distribute hardware. Rather, a customer with an existing hardware choice would use SDK's or get the HW manufacturer themselves to add us a gateway and thus it would flow that way. And on top of that one or two mobile POS solutions plan to integrate to us directly so their customers can enjoy offline and online.