Spreadsheets that come alive as applications

Spreadsheet.com is the spreadsheet you already know with the power of a database and project management system, all with real-time collaboration. Create your own solutions and work better together.
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👋 Hello Product Hunt! I’m Matt Robinson, co-founder and CEO of Spreadsheet.com (former CTO of Progress Software), here with my co-founder and CTO Murali Mohan. After a whirlwind two years of development, our team is thrilled to share Spreadsheet.com with you today, the 40th anniversary of the spreadsheet. Spreadsheet.com is a new platform that allows anyone to create solutions for collaborative work, quickly and easily. It's the spreadsheet you already know, with support for over 400 formula functions, combined with the power of an easy-to-use database and project management system, all with real-time updates and messaging. We like to say Spreadsheet.com makes spreadsheets come alive as applications! All you need to know is how to use the basics of a spreadsheet. The rest, we hope, is intuitive enough to figure out on your own. We’re excited to show you what Spreadsheet.com is capable of today, and look forward to hearing what you think, answering questions, and iterating based on your feedback. I hope you will follow us on our journey as we expand the platform over time — we’re just getting started. You can learn more about the product and sign up for early access on our site at www.spreadsheet.com. Thanks! Matt
Nice timing! Happy Spreadsheet Day!
Great idea and product . Pricing?
@max_faber Thanks! Pricing is not yet finalized. This will come when we launch in general availability next year.
Look forward to trying this!
@ramin Thanks we would love your feedback on the beta!
@warren_eiserman :) A lot of similar concepts for sure. Eventually we'll have workflow, automation, etc. The implementation couldn't be more different, however: each worksheet is simultaneously a relational database table, with real time synchronization and schema changes across N concurrent users, and collaborative out of order undo/redo.