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SpreadShare is a content community for digital professionals. The platform let’s you share and discover content around the topics of digital, technology and startups. Content on SpreadShare is being shared in tables.

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Hi everybody, much love for the nomination of the Golden Kitty award. It comes in an exciting time for Spreadshare. But let me quickly tell the story of how we started. The MVP was build within a few nights, finding all the content was more time consuming actually. Sidney and I decided to launch on PH 3 weeks after we decided to start a side project together. We got a lot of love from the community. But the buzz didn't last forever and we didn't take the project serious enough to continue. At least not with high ambitions. Beginning of November we rebooted and built a new version on the Ethereum blockchain, from scratch and with a new team. Say goodbye to Google Sheets, at least on our platform 😅 Here is a Medium we wrote about the why and how: https://medium.com/spreadshare/s... We didn't officially launch this update yet - not here, nor anywhere else. But since the soft launch in December we've collected over 175 tables and 1,500 tokens have been distributed to users (contribution=earn token=own platform). But the engagement metrics and user feedback speak a different language. One user described it well when he said, it's brilliant but no one gets it. Here we are, in the middle of improving the user experience. The upcoming version will be a drastical shift to what you currently see at beta.spreadshare.co I am happy to share a glimpse of what's coming next if you text me at benjamin@spreadshare.co If you want to build a platform which introduces a new way of content curation and discovery, reach out to us. Write me if you code, design, fundraise, like to work with communities or if you have any other idea how you could support. Risk-takers will be rewarded extraordinarily. Thanks PH for the nomination. See you soon!
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Congrats with launch!!!
@lisadziuba Thanks Lisa :)
@bnjmnlbr you know, I'm always happy to support you!
@bnjmnlbr Spreadshare rocks! The spreadsheets are super useful and I can't wait for Spreadshare 2.0!

I bookmarked the site the first time I visited, so you could say I have been very excited about what they bring to this community since the beginning.


Unique community engagement


In earlier stages, was easier to download content/sheets-wish we could earn token/coins from adding to others' existing sheets as well

Awesome product for sure , early user here quick note download links are not working on the beta version , i have submitted the issue 2 days ago