Superhuman for Chrome

Switch tabs, search history, bookmarks, downloads in a snap. Superhuman for Chrome.
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Funny this product is named 'Spotlight' with the tagline 'Superhuman for Chrome', whereas my first thought was that this is macOS' Spotlight search.. for Chrome.
I have hundreds of tabs open but they are always necessary, and I need them, again and again. And new tabs gain similar value. Definitely not because I 'forgot' to close something. It's that I have projects, research that require information, combining very many variables, various sites I need to return to for different reasons.
Love this idea and product! I would love to do a review on it if there is any interest there. I do weekly video and written constructive reviews with no negative hot take BS. Just true professional feedback. https://producthunt.catalystwebs...
How is it better than toby?
Why hasn't this been invented sooner. THANK YOU! πŸ™Œ