Easily sort songs in your playlists

SpotifyEditor helps you to easily organize your own playlists wherever you are

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Useless in my eyes. You can do the same thing in the normal spotify app. It would be great if it could sort the favorites playlist, cause you can't do that in the normal app, but it can't. So what's the sense.
@vladimirkusnezo In the app, changing position of songs in a playlist with a high density is very difficult, the idea is to facilitate this process, take a test and bring feedback again if possible. Thank you very much
Just used this today to sort out my main playlist, really handy. Is there any future plans for social collaboration to be implemented?
@aaronoleary is an initial version, we will still add many features, if you can explain a little more about your idea, we can consider. tks

Also, it breaks the back button.


Good premise


Drag and drop would be beneficial. Right now you have to sort by index?

I believe you can do drag and drop on Spotify today. At least on the desktop app for windows. It is a bit odd though, that new playlists are able to do this, but not my old playlists. Also, it is hard to move song at position 0 to song at position 150 using drag and drop. So for small lists, seems like Spotify already got this feature. For big playlists I can see how rearranging playlists with index might be better but tedious.

If it does something better than normal Spotify apps, I've yet to discover it.


Nice, simple design


What is the benefit?

I've got 3 playlist in my spotify, but once connected the app says: "0 playlists". I've tried to reconnect but still the same
@allan_raquin @rafaelcuri I'm having the same issue (desktop and mobile).