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A personalized playlist of the newest releases, every Friday

#4 Product of the WeekAugust 05, 2016
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LOVE Spotify right now. Spotify Discover Weekly has become a Monday morning ritual. Release Radar takes the same approach, curating a new playlist every Friday. So smart to build these experiences around appointments to create a weekly habit. πŸ’• Here's a screenshot of my Release Radar this week:
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@rrhoover Wow that's amazing! How's it built? Based on my followings or, more like Discover Weekly, based on my history and EchoNest algorithms?
@hfauq @rrhoover I don't know how it's built but I have the exact same playlist than Ryan when I click on his link. Which is pretty weird cause I think it should be a unique playlist generated by Spotify for me. Am I wrong?
@pierrickgt: Not the /user/ tag in the URL. You're checking his personal playlist. If you want yours: go to Browse, then you'll find the Release Radar there. Hit Follow & done! @hfauq: Seems like Discover Weekly. I have artists in my playlist that I don't follow... although I think this is more weighted towards followed artists than Discover Weekly.
@basgras well to me, it looks like Spotify is the user. Since the url is /user/spotify/playlist. For example if you want to access my weekly playlist, you need to use this link: So it's the encrypted part at the end that is the actual playlist.
@pierrickgt @hfauq @rrhoover mine looks completely different. i'm guessing it works similar to discover weekly, but combined with their artist follow functionality
I made an IFTTT recipe that automatically copies your Release Radar playlists, so you don't lose them when they get overwritten:
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If you prefer a weekly email digest:
@basgras I use an IFTTT recipe to do the same for Discover Weekly, thanks for this!
Release Radar is Discover Weekly for new music 🎧
Discover Weekly doesnt always nail it for me, but sometimes its absolute πŸ”₯ - every week I usually get at least one gem My first Release Radar I got one gem but not keen on the rest. But as music discover is my worst skill ever, I like what Spotify does to help me out πŸ˜ƒ
All my favorite artists/band are 1) Dead 2) Disbanded 3) Inactive TT
Is it available for everyone now? I'm not seeing it.
@treytitone if you search for it - "release radar" - should appear
@ernopp Found it. Thanks!