Beautiful analytics on your Spotify listening habits 🎧

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    Antony BearparkGraphic and Web Designer

    Generating information about how I listen is clever


    The playlist at the end was awful, like they didn't learn a thing and suggested strange selections

    The information, about who and when I listen to Spotify, was clever and intriguing, the playlist they suggested was awful.

    Also it noted I listed to 28% Soundtracks, 22% Scorecore and 18% Video Game music and said that I love upbeat music and like to dance to it. I don't, most my pop music is by artists that have upbeat songs, but I prefer their slow songs, so not sure where it's getting the information from. In fact, only 16% is Post-Teen Pop so really not sure about that.

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    Baz VenugopalStrategy advisor on all matters fintech

    Playlist development using your listening profile. Thumbs up/ down feature enables listening to some cool music based on your own preference


    Just a bit too spooky ;-) is about not spending hours making playlists. Instead its listening to what you like and the algorithm developing one for you. It brings in music that you would not find on your own into your playlist to make your own sound.

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    Aisen AnisimovLearn to success

    Convenient, easy-to-browse-application, wide range of musicians


    still not available in Russia

    Continue to progress

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    Awesome project! :) First day using and I'm already impressive... I'll be testing more though, I really loved

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