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Woohoo! I always wished there were daily playlists rather than having to wait for a Monday for Discover Weekly or wait for a Friday for Release Radar! I've seen its mobile only? is that correct? If so, massive bummer. I listen to Spotify mainly on my Mac
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@bentossell Desktop version coming soon!
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@flaneur what's soon?
@bentossell not a massive problem if you want it now: use your phone to choose the mix and pick your mac from 'devices available' - enjoy daily mix on a mac at work 🎢 🀘
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@flaneur Can the API support easily fetching a user's Discover weekly and these new Daily Mixes?
Apparently it's mobile only, which is a bummer for me as most of my music-listening is at work on the computer. When is it coming to the desktop, @flaneur?
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@rrhoover I'll let @flaneur talk about the roadmap, but a #protip workaround is to start playing your Daily Mix from mobile and use our Connect feature to keep listening on desktop.
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@rrhoover Already in progress, so shouldn't be too long!
Does anyone actually see this in their apps yet? Can't wait to try it!
@jackdweck @mayafish We're rolling out gradually on iOS and Android over the next 24 hours.
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@flaneur @jackdweck @mayafish really looking forward to this!
@flaneur I still don't see it in my Spotify and it's been 24 hours. I've been patiently waiting and excited for this!!
@todkiry Should now be out to everyone with the latest version of the app on iOS or Android, at the top of "Your Library".
Here's a good deep dive on what it's doing under the hood:
@flaneur would love to also read a technical write-up on the how you guys are doing this! > Discover Weekly reached 40 million listeners (more than all Apple Music and Tidal subscribers combined) and generated 5 billion streams on Spotify That's an impressive stat!
Awesome feature ! Just a question : why did you call these playlists Daily Mix 1,2,3... and did you not give them a genre as name ? I find it difficult to identify the common denominator of each playlist.
@ogustin According to @flaneur interview on fastcompany: "[...] internal user studies showed that naming these lists after genres ("My Daily Hip-Hop Mix," for instance) altered people's expectations and complicated the experience. Instead, successive lists are named as simply as possible: Your Daily Mix 1, Your Daily Mix 2, and so forth." Read the whole thing on:
@lucaslazaro @ogustin @flaneur i'd like to hear a little more reasoning behind this. sure its as "simple" as possible, but its also as meaningless as possible.
@lucaslazaro @flaneur Thanks for your answer. I understand their purpose, but as @gopietz points it out, it is really meaningless (+ you can find the main genre by looking at the artists)
@ogustin @lucaslazaro @gopietz Yes, that's the point ;) The inside scoop: mix groupings are personalized and unique, and may often fail to adhere strictly to genre (but they capture something else about the relationships between the artists you play a lot). By focusing on what artists are inside, without labels, we found people could point and go "oh, that's my chill mix and this one is my more dance-y vibe", or "that's my 70s and 80s mix", and be happier with the end result. Early in development, we had a user with a mix that was mostly Hip Hop with some R&B and other stuff thrown in -- it was a cool mix, and the user thought it sounded great. But at the time it was named after the primary genre, eg. "Your Hip Hop Mix", and when Prince came on, they were like "this must be an error, Prince isn't hip hop", even though the mix itself was enjoyable. We're still looking at future ways of getting cleverer with the naming, but that's how we landed on something deliberately neutral for now.
@flaneur @ogustin @lucaslazaro thanks for the honest explanation! these smart machine learning algorithms can group by something we dont even have words for :)