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Navigate the podcast Jungle with the new “YouTube for podcasts” ....
Spotcast gives you personalized recommendations based on your listening habits every time you are looking for a podcast episode to listen to.
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Hi Product hunters! Super excited to finally release Spotcast Beta. With so many great podcasts available, it can be hard to know what to listen to next. That's why we created Spotcast, a podcast suggestion engine powered by A.I. We just released our beta and have over 1000 users using Spotcast daily. Even so, Spotcast is getting strong by the week. Get started on our free beta to be the first to try our awesome, upcoming features. Thank you to everyone in the community. Please, reach out with questions, feedback, and thoughts. Our #1 goal is to build a podcast recommendation engine that works for you. What are you missing today? What features do you wish existed? Share your thoughts, and let's work together to build the best podcast UX out there. 💪 Cheers!
@momaurane Your form doesn't have United States on the country list.
@clickbrain Good one ! thanks it's added
Looks like a great idea! Just signed up for the beta. Can't wait :)
@stusim Thanks ! Glad you like it
Très bonne idée !! Vraiment hâte de pouvoir l’utiliser 😁
Great idea! I am signed in. I lack a way after survey. I end up doing another survey from typeforms without a way to proceed from you.
@max_noble Hi Max Thanks ! We have a lot of sign ups and will get in touch with you as we are accepting a few users every week. Thanks
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