Report workplace discrimination without talking to a human

70-97% of workplace harassment and discrimination goes unreported. Spot is a free online tool for reporting inappropriate behavior at work, without talking to a human.

Based in memory science, Spot helps you recall what happened as reliably as possibly. Keep a confidential record for yourself or report what happened to your company.

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Great job !! Very important thing you developed😊
I've been following Daniel and Dylan building "Spot", really great to see this live. Keep up the good work guys!
Thanks for hunting us! We’re building Spot to help people clear their minds and report negative experiences safely. Spot uses Cognitive Interviewing methods to record the details of inappropriate work behaviour. It then gives you the option to report what happened to your employer or to just keep the confidential record so you have high-quality evidence if you need it. If you have feedback on the product, we'd love to hear from you: :)

I've tested out Spot, and I'm really impressed. This is a great way to safely and anonymously (if you wish) report inappropriate or harassing behavior at work. It's an important tool.


Safe way to post about harassment



This is awesome. Unfortunately, I can’t wait to use this.
@mbrwolff Yes, exactly.