Capture personal sports highlights without filming.

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Sporfie is a video platform that allows anyone to capture, replay, and share their personal sports highlights without the distraction of filming.

One camera films for everyone, so you can enjoy the game without holding a phone to film. When something happens you want to save, one click captures the PAST seconds of action from all camera angles.

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Jacqueline von Tesmar@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @sakaroui, @diego_sporfie, @ryanbarresi, @emilybrookepr, @guysporfie, @fedoverseas, @olivierschaer & @kennethmcginley, Very interesting product. Can you tell us more about what made you want to build it, and also where do you see it in 5 years?
Emily Brooke Robertson
Emily Brooke RobertsonMaker@emilybrookepr · Director of Digital Marketing at Sporfie
Hi @jacqvon, Thank you so much for your question! The co-founders of Sporfie, @sakaroui and @olivierschaer, are both fathers of young children, who are involved in various youth sports. Like most parents, they spent too much time at their kids’ games attempting to capture video highlights. They noticed two main ways that parents typically film. They either spend the entire game holding up their phone trying to guess when to hit record, often ending up barely missing the action and also missing the chance to experience the game. Or, they film the entire game, ending up with hours of useless footage that needs to be edited down or that goes unwatched. Using shared smartphone cameras plus the technology to capture the past, Sporfie creates a new way to film the game that ensures parents and fans don't have to compromise their experience to capture videos. Eventually, the platform will be optimized for selected sports and extended to other markets, such as concerts and other live events, where highlights would be auto-captured through a combination of computer vision, AI, crowdsourced metadata, environmental data, and integration with other services. Because video consumption provided for many relies on the video production of a few, the platform will also provide the tools for video enthusiasts and professionals to easily monetize their services.
Olivier Schaer
Olivier SchaerMaker@olivierschaer · Passionate by technology & UX design.
@jacqvon @sakaroui @emilybrookepr We are super excited to share Sporfie with you - a social sports highlights platform. I would love to get your feedback on what we could be doing to make it even better. We're really passionate about making a great product for enthusiasts of short sports videos so fire away!