Most convenient meal ever. $6 delivered. (SOMA & East Bay)

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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
SpoonRocket just expanded to SOMA (http://blog.spoonrocket.com/1/po...), now directly competing against Sprig (http://www.eatsprig.com/ , http://www.producthunt.co/posts/83)
Bryan Chang@collabfund
Was discussing whether SpoonRocket is financially feasible – as a consumer, awesome proposition, but curious of their operations / execution.
Dan FriedmanData Engineering & Science
Ordered it twice already. 5 minutes for delivery the first day, 3 minutes for today. Food was delicious both times.
Dan FriedmanData Engineering & Science
@bryankchang - I'd love to know more about their operations as well. They haven't garnered much press so not a lot of public knowledge on them. I mentioned to a reporter to cover their SF launch and hopefully garner more details.
Derek Shanahan
VP Growth @ Exer
We have lots of internal discussions about the viability of these companies in our office. I know a few that have failed. It's really hard to make a margin on quality ingredients + on-demand + delivery + insanely low cost + not bulk. Some of the logistics will be better over time, as real-time delivery systems for other types of products get established, but food is its own beast.
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