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Get notified when people you follow change their Twitter bio


Spoonbill is a daily or weekly email that delivers a digest of Twitter bio changes for people you follow. It's a fun, voyeuristic tool to discover major life updates, job changes, and subtle tweaks people do to redefine themselves.

3 Reviews
Ryan Hoover
Adam Kazwell
Pedro Gastal
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  • Ryan Hoover
    Ryan HooverFounder, Product Hunt

    One of my favorite weekly email digests


    There are often too many bio changes to fit in a single email digest (Google truncates them)

    Spoonbill sends me a weekly list of the name and bio changes of people I follow on Twitter, a peek into the psyche of how people describe themselves and notable life changes (e.g. job title updates).

    Part of its appeal comes from its voyeuristic qualities, although its fun to call people out in public when they make certain changes. 😊

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  • Adam Kazwell
    Adam KazwellProduct manager/observer

    Helps to make sure you don't miss when friends change jobs or locations


    Needs a "include Hunter Walk updates? Yes/No" filter. Seriously dude, chill on the profile edits ;)

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  • Katy Le
    Katy LeProduct Designer, founder RedCat Studio.

    Sound nice features. This is what I need for my Twitter


    I have not found anything

    I have the message and email. I should wait for the first batch of change

    Katy Le has used this product for one day.
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