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Calculates a post value based on a variety of factors

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Influencer marketing costs can be unpredictable. Do the social media influencers you are interested in overestimate their worth? Buzzweb calculates a post value for every influencer on Instagram. We provide a fair post value based on a variety of factors, such as their audience size and quality, engagement rate, followers’ location, and niche.

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Hello, everyone! We’re excited to launch our Sponsored Post Calculator that allows you to learn the estimated value of any blogger’s Instagram post. If you are an advertiser, you can now find out how much it may cost to collaborate with your favourite creator. If you are an influencer, you can find out what compensation is fair for your work or learn how much other bloggers from your niche are earning. The influencer marketing industry lacks a pricing standard. One needs to have considerable experience, good relationships with social media influencers, and effective analytics tools in order to estimate the post value for a given content creator. The Buzzweb calculator estimates a fair and transparent post value for each influencer on Instagram, and everyone can see the factors that determine this value. This service is absolutely free and you can check any influencer using this direct link: We hope you like it, and we’d love to hear your feedback and questions.
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@alexander_boykov How do you plan to monetise it ?
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@shreyaa_ratra thank you for the question! We also have other service - a full Instagram account analysis - brands, marketers, and bloggers pay for it to learn more about an influencers.
@alexander_boykov Got it. Few thoughts if you are planning to do B2B sales : a) Reach out to funded start-ups. These companies might spend money on advertising to acquire more users. Advertising >> Influencer >> Buzzweb b) Reach out to companies who are hiring for influencer marketing. Since these companies are already hiring for this role, it means it will be willing to spend money on a product like yours to take right decision.
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@shreyaa_ratra , thank you for your tips!
@alexander_boykov Sounds like a good tool, I think. Where are you making your money, though? I read the terms and looks like you take a percentage if one finds an influencer through your system, but couldn't one just contact through IG directly after finding through you? Thanks. EDIT: Ah, noticed I only have a few free reports. OK pricing still, though. Above question is still relevant, however. If you take 20% of everything agreed with "your" influencers, then it's not really relevant, I think.
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You can get a post value for any Instagram account. It considers many different factors to offer a fair estimation.


fast and precise


haven't noticed

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Thank you, Anastasiya!
How do you guys define that the defined follower location is the one that brings the value?
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@dmitriy_dubovik , thank you for your question! We analyze a location of the good quality followers (those who interact with the blogger's content) and we take top 5 countries to define a certain multiplier.
waiting for more useful dachboard and reviews about blogers from real people
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@ivan_burban , thank you! We've recently launched the service and hope that soon marketers will start reviewing bloggers. What would you like to have in the dashboard? We are developing it and your feedback is very important.

A very helpful tool that isn’t as readily available in this day on age as other tools are. This will help influencer marketing tremendously


Very helpful with influencer marketing



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Thank you, Thomas! Appreciate your feedback.