Splitter A/B Testing

Split and track in real time, by AppDrag

Create an A/B test in seconds, monitor visits and conversions in real time. No need to register and it's totally free :)

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I'm Joseph Benguira, Founder & CTO of AppDrag Cloud CMS & Cloud Backend I started to work on Splitter after a friend and bussiness partner, Maxime Seligman, challenged me to produce very quickly an A/B testing tool that he will be able to present to a big public webmarketing event : 12th Annual MEGAComm Conference on Feb 15 2018. This was the perfect occasion to test real-time technologies like AWS IOT with MQTT and prototype all of that very quickly in AppDrag Cloud Backend. I consider this as an experiment and a side project and a complementary tool for AppDrag users but also for anyone wanting to do A/B testing for free. I intend to keep it free, active and maintained as a side project for AppDrag, so feel free to use it and to give us your feedback
@angelius Hey Joseph! This is nice, I've built something similar a while ago (https://www.producthunt.com/post...). I'm wondering what's the difference with Google Experiments? I mean, If I do need to add custom JS code, why wouldn't I use a robust platform like Google's?
@cosbgn Hey, i'm not aware about a Google Experiment doing Split A/B Testing, maybe you can provide a direct link? About your solution, it's very nice too! But what if you don't use Google Analytics?
@angelius Apparently they are moving it here: https://www.google.com/analytics... It's under Behaviour -> Experiments on your Google Analytics account!
@cosbgn Ok i see, seems to be a very nice tool! but again, what if you don't use Google Analytics and don't want to for any reason? I believe in that case Splitter provide a free solution without any needs to create an account or login with something else :)
@angelius Makes sense! :D Good luck!

I have been looking to perform A/B testing and thought would try this (as it's free) and it is so simple to set up and use. It even set's up the TinyUrl to make the split testing so simple.

Would be nice to be able to create an account to follow the test across different devices but is a great project :)


Simple to use


No Account Registration

Hey Chris, thanks for the kind words :) FYI once you are on the real time dashboard you can copy the URL in the browser bar and share it by email or anything else to another device or person. I might add accounts later so you can list all your split test.
I am trying out this cool tool now? Question about the tiny url. What is it for? I have set up A and B scripts on each page. Thank you