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Hi Product Hunt! I am the iOS engineer at Splittable and this release has been my sole job since joining Splittable 3 months ago. A little bit of background: we moved away from a hybrid approach in 1.0 and went fully native with this version. Going native has made it far easier to support offline usage (including being able to add costs while offline), as well as a much tighter user experience and better integration with native frameworks. Happy to answer any questions.
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@edowling Hi there, love the app. I'm waiting for all my housemates to join so I can test it out properly, but it looks like it will be really useful. Couple of things though: - When adding my housemates via SMS, I accidentally clicked someone else in my phonebook, it didn't ask me to confirm before adding, and now there is no way to remove them. -The buttons at the bottom (beautiful as they are) sometimes obscure the last part of the main view, so on the profile view for example, 'Email updates' is mostly obscured (I'm on an iPhone 5) - The language when editing a payment 'We pay separately' and 'we pay together' is a little confusing. I don't understand the difference because surely the premise is always that one person physically pays and the other pay that person back?
@jblok2 Thanks for the feedback :) We're just about to submit an update for your first two issues. As for your third point, "We pay separately" is for rent, bills, etc where each housemate pays the provider (landlord, utility company, etc) directly. These costs will only show up for you and don't affect the overall balance. "We pay together" is intended for when you pay a designated housemate your share and they then pay the provider in one lump sum. We tried a lot of different ways to express this. Do you have any suggestions on how we could make the intention clearer?
@edowling Ah ok, perhaps "one person pays' instead of "we pay together", as "we pay togethor" is still ambiguous to the fact that there is only one single payment made to the provider. Perhaps having a less distinguished line of text underneath "we pay separately" to say "only shows for you" will make this clear it's not a shared cost
@edowling @jblok2 How about "We pay x separate bills" or "We each pay our own separate bill", vs. "We pay one bill together"? Where you can insert the number of housemates as x. It seems like the number of bills for one utility is the clearest differentiator between these situations.
@benburns @jblok2 Good suggestions, appreciate it. They've been added to our Trello for consideration. Its a tough concept to convey succinctly.
As a somewhat belated introduction, howdy Product Hunt! I'm one of the co-founders at Splittable and in charge of product. We've been working away on our new iOS app for the last couple of months and are super excited to push it out into the world. @edowling and I are around all day so hit us up with anything you want :)
@vsubramanian @edowling This looks great! I've been using Splitwise for all these years and it has served me very well to manage the household affairs. Splittable looks like a big step up :) What kind of additional offering are you planning for Splittable which can blow apps like Splitwise out of your competition?
I've seen lots of adverts on TV about splittable. There is definitely an increasing landscape here with apps popping up all over. For me, it's easy enough to transfer money, set up standing orders/direct debits etc from my banking app. Splitting meals or even bills isn't that much of an issue for me that I need another app for it. In University we always had problems with it, usually because no one had the money to pay and it was always set up from one persons account. I see the need for an app like this for Uni and similar situations. It's reasons like this I could not wait to move out and live on my own! (it's awesome) After Uni and when my friends and I had full time jobs, we were less worried about 'Ben paid £3 extra last week for toilet roll' but it definitely matters for some people and situations (uni included). Is the prime market University/College students? @vsubramanian
@bentossell Our primary demographic also includes young graduates and professionals living together in cities like London, not just students. PS Our marketing guys would love to know where you've seen the TV spots because..uh..yeah, that's totally happening ;)
@vsubramanian yeah makes sense... Luckily I bought a one bed apartment so don't have to deal with it anymore haha! I can relate to the headache though. Well I live in Cardiff and sure I've seen them on the TV... no idea what channel haha
@bentossell @vsubramanian As a Uni student, I totally get the struggle of tracking all the expenses with my roommates. Really dig the design and feel of your app! One thing that I miss is some kind of "shopping list" where we could add some products. What are your plans?
@philipkuklis Glad to know you like the look and feel of the app Philip! 🙌 As for shared lists, we've had a couple of requests for that - it's not something that's at the top of our todo list right now, but given that it's totally in line with our mission, the more people that want it, the quicker it'll be made real :) have added an upvote to our internal feature request tracking on that for you!
@vsubramanian sounds good, thanks :)
Lovely redesign guys!!!
@denull Thanks for the kind words Dimo!
Apologies if this has already been asked and I missed it, but how is this different/better than Splitwise?
@maxwendkos Hey Max, we consider ourselves as primarily focused on the house, rather than any generic category of bill splitting. We want to really get that right because we think it's the most common use case for bill splitting and there are so many nuanced problems specific to the household that we want to help with.
@vsubramanian @maxwendkos What some household-specific problems that your product solves that Splitwise doesn't?