Split Screen Ultimate

Easiest way to resize and manage windows on your Mac.

With window snapping and keyboard shortcuts, you can quickly split windows and boost your productivity.


Priyadarshan Joshi


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Simon Bromberg
Simon Bromberg@shimmb · sbromberg.com
http://spectacleapp.com/ is the same if not better, and it's free
Richard kim
Richard kim@cwrichardkim · dev | Google, privacy.com, Drift, twindr
bettertouchtool is the best tool you can hope for hands down (also free and continuously updated) http://www.bettertouchtool.net/
Hoan Do
Hoan Do@hoandesign · UX Designer, PPCLINK MOBILE
I don't know why this product was featured. Is it a promoted post?
orliesaurus@orliesaurus · Lasers handler
I saw similar free versions of tools such as this one ph...what differentiates/makes unique this tool over its free/paid counterparts?
Heidi Pungartnik
Heidi Pungartnik@design4founders · Owner of DesignforFounders
El Capitan will be offering this option — I think beta will be rolling out very soon. Not worth the $ imo.