Create interactive pick-your-own-adventure videos in seconds

Join the Splic community and create mesmerizing interactive videos in just seconds! Splics are Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style short videos in which viewers can tap different areas to change the course of the story.

Share your splics on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or any messaging app: no Splic app required for playback!

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Hello PH community! 😺 I’m Guillaume from Splic. Alex, Toma and I have dedicated our careers to helping storytellers leverage interactivity in their creative process. We previously worked together at Plumzi, a venture-backed start-up funded by Disney with tools for leading animation studios (Nickelodeon, Dreamworks, Warner Bros, etc) to make their cartoons series interactive on touch screens. The “Appisode” format was very successful with apps reaching #2 rank overall in the App Store. With Splic, we decided to bring the same successful format to the masses, and allow anyone to create their own interactive "choose-your-own-adventure style" videos (splics) in just seconds. Download our app 🤳🏻 (free, iOS only for now) to easily make your own splics. In a splic, viewers can tap different areas of the video to change the course of the story. Splics can be created from existing videos on your phone or recorded from within the app. They can be shared on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube to leverage existing followers. No app required to view a splic. This new format is a great way to engage audiences directly with the narrative and make them participate in the story. It’s fun for viewers, and making them participate is guaranteed to catch their attention! We also track and report how many people tapped on what, as the ultimate measure of engagement. By making it super easy, our goal is to unleash the world’s storytellers desire to leverage interactivity in their creative process. We can’t wait to see what you’ll be creating with it and would love your feedback to keep improving it! Peace 🙏✌️ Guillaume
Awesome to see this live, @guillaume_cohen. While it's early, what are your favorit splics (is that what you call them) created so far?
Thank you @rrhoover ! Yes we call them splics 😎 Hard to pick but here are some of my favorite ones: - Outfits: https://splic.com/splic/Le2GDgik... - Oops: https://splic.com/splic/i3nYMvtk... - In'N'Out: https://splic.com/splic/5LeNZD3k... - Sunglasses: https://splic.com/splic/c78M3DnH... - Dog or Mouse: https://splic.com/splic/4DtxQJdQ... - Margot: https://splic.com/splic/c5rnJE7w... - Baseball: https://splic.com/splic/Aj5Aqctt... - Push ups: https://splic.com/splic/TkY6Swxt... - Pool: https://splic.com/splic/YsnmWr58... Ryan, one has yet to create the first splic featuring kitties...😼

This is cool stuff!


This is cool stuff!


This is cool stuff!

Guillaume and team, Splic looks like a great app, and I'm excited to try it out! Sort of like the next wave of apps like Music.ly but for everyone.