Challenge your friends to a spin-off (literally)

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I'm going to regret downloading this. 😵
@rrhoover I can pretty much guarantee that we're going to see a clip of someone losing their lunch from dizziness haha
I challenged @mscccc to a spin-off this afternoon. For the record, this was round 2. We're tied up.
@mscccc @rrhoover Haha, man, best app ever. Considered adding it to my 'but why' collection, but it's too good for that.
@mscccc @rrhoover's cheating; he's using the centripetal force from the chair haha. nonetheless, for some reason i love this app
I'm sick just watching the video. But it's brillant :D
Possibly the most dangerous app in the App Store ;-) You've got to love that retry button!