Spin the Bottle

Live video speed dates with people nearby

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Chatroulette all over I imagine 🍆🍆🍌🍌
@lasserafn Not to worry! Spin the Bottle uses face detection so that if your face isn't on camera the image is automatically blurred out.
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@mattcohen I don't wanna think a way to bypass your method but you already understood :/
@mattcohen @lasserafn this is hilarious. Maybe you should have let it be. Better to have the social and new exposure with that happening than not. haha.
I want to play 💥🎉🍾
@nivo0o0 Spin the Bottle is now available nationwide, so if you haven't already try giving it a spin!
Hey Product Hunters! We’re excited to announce the launch of Spin the Bottle, a live video dating app now available on the App Store. Spin the Bottle is just like the classic party game, only this time it’s with real people from your area who are looking to meet. Here’s how it works: You’ll give the bottle your best spin and, when it stops, you’ll enter into a 30 second video date where you can chat up your potential match. If you're feeling the love, give your date a kiss and see if they return the affection. Two kisses and it's a match! OTHER FEATURES: • FACE DETECTION: When no face is detected, the image is automatically blurred out. • FLICK: Drag players off your circle and never see them again. • FREEZE: Freeze the clock for 30 bonus seconds and keep your date alive. • DIRECT HIT: You choose where the bottle lands! Look forward to hearing your feedback! 😀
@mattcohen I think its a fantastic idea, best of luck
@matthewboyle25 Thanks Matthew! Glad you like it!
@mattcohen This looks like a ton of fun. Sending to my single friends :)
First I thought one needs to kiss his screen... 😯
@alexanderisora Haha nope but I can understand the confusion! Simply tap the kiss icon if you're interested. Two kisses and it's a match!
30 seconds does not seem long enough
@ejameswill Players can freeze the clock for 30 bonus seconds if they need more time.