We're on a mission to free people from the hassle of payments at work. Spendesk is the smart way to manage the entire process of business spending. Virtual and physical payments, approval workflows, receipt and invoice management and payment reconciliation – all together for the first time.

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Hello Hunters, Only available in Europe at the moment. Great tool to manage corporate spending made by employees: you invite your team on the platform and set-up your own spending policies and approval workflows. When someone needs to buy something, he/she makes a request on Spendesk and once approved, he can generate his own credit card to make the purchase. All payments are reported in real time on the platform with the corresponding invoice. Really helpful for teams of all sizes. Give it a try :)
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Thank you @tiboel for hunting us ! After two months in private beta, Spendesk has already totaled more than €1,000,000 worth of funds, loaded to the application by 50 pilot companies all over Europe. We wanted CFOs and accountants to be able to easily generate and manage virtual and physical credit cards for employees to use in their day-to-day transactions. Now with Spendesk, finance teams stay in control and employees get their job done! Only available in Europe 🇪🇺 Questions and feedback are welcome!
@rodardant @tiboel Really interesting. Like a centralized privacy.com. Very promising !
We use Spendesk at PopChef, awesome product !
Thank you @francoisdefitte ! And we are working hard to make it even better ;)
Keeping track of corporate spending is definitely a huge pain. I was working in a 20+ people a couple of years ago and we had two credit cards at that time. They were passed around each time someone needed to make a payment. Obviously it was impossible to properly keep track of who spent what and when.
@mdausinger Yeah, that is exactly the pain we are addressing 😁.
Congrats for the launch . A true game-changer.
Thank you @bertrandbesse and Tinyclues for being one of our first happy customers !
We use Spendesk at La Belle Assiette, it's been a huge game changer for our productivity and spending tracking. Great work Rodolphe !
Thank you @leguillons ! Very happy to have you with us since the early days !