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Hi Product Hunt! We are so excited to be here today. We would love to get a few of you to help us test Speechify before our full launch, so we are making it available for download here for the next 48 hours. We would LOVE your feedback on how we can improve, where you found bugs, and what you'd use Speechify for. If you know someone with Dyslexia, ADD, low vision, or any other reading difficulty please share Speechify with them. This app may make a big difference for them. It did for me. Here is the response we got from some of the first Speechify users: https://youtu.be/nL5KvaIN4d0 The iOS app for Speechify also lets you easily scan physical books and turn them into audiobooks. It can also then translate and read out those books for you in any language you choose. If you find Speechify useful for another reason please let us know. We always love hearing about the many ways people end up using it. I usually listen to 100+ audiobooks/year - sadly, most textbooks, pdfs, articles, websites, don't have an audio version. We built Speechify to fix that. Thank you to Brian Hans, Simeon Kostadinoff, Krishna Aluru, Jared Siskin, Simar Mangat, Sam Rochelle, and Yunan Xue for working on Speechify with me. I could not have asked for a more dedicated and amazing team to work alongside. We would love to answer any questions have! <3 The Speechify Team
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Well that's really impressive! Both your product and your motivation. As a menu bar macOS application it's so simple and powerful, I believe those are crucial criteria for such products. Well done! (Also videos are cool πŸ™‚) Just wondering, do you have any plans for Android version?
@geek_1001 Hi Ahmed! Thank you. Yep will definitely be releasing an Android version - but that will happen later on.
Nice work Cliff. Downloaded and going to be giving it a try. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks! Dale
@dale_beaumont Thanks Dale! Would LOVE to hear your feedback.
Your message really solidifies the "why" of your product, Cliff! Really well done. What sort of marketing did you do before you launched on PH?
@bradleypoulette Thanks Brandley! We really appreciate it! We implemented a pilot program at a few schools to learn how to make the software better (not marketing but I think that helped us learn how to talk about the product and definitely how to fix up the UX and what features were a must). Only posted on my fb wall about it just now. Mainly worked on producing the videos you see above.
@cliffweitzman Fantastic. My experience tells me that the reason you've gotten such good response is because we all have different learning styles, and you're allowing those who are more auditory learners (even if it's not due to a disability) to make a reading-heavy world work on their terms. Looking forward to seeing the next steps.
@bradleypoulette hmm that's really insightful. It's a thin line that's been hard to walk. On the one hand I we are very focused on learning differences bc that is where we see we can create the most value (and for me personally, its what I care about most deeply) - on the other hand we know it is so beneficial to other ppl in so many other ways. I listen to about 100 audiobooks a year for example and even if I was not dyslexia that would be an amazing productivity hack so we want to make that type of functionality available to everyone for every text. The challenge we have is how do we communicate to both these user groups at once. Any advice?
@cliffweitzman Not being a marketing expert, I can only offer what my intuition tells me. My intuition says that focusing on the group who you think will benefit the most from this will yield the best results. It will get shared in that community, and you'll breed evangelists if you take care of them. Others will catch on even if your messaging doesn't target them specifically. Focus, focus, focus.
This is not just a good idea, but investment worthy.
@nassaraf Thanks Naomi!