Speech Recognition Anywhere allows you to use speech recognition to fill out any form on the web with your voice! Control the Internet with your voice!

Hello Product Hunters! I created Speech Recognition Anywhere because at the time the only speech recognition chrome extensions available didn't actually type your speech right in form fields, they required you to copy and paste. This extension types right in the form fields. I was also disappointed when Google removed "Ok Google" wake-up phrase from Chrome, so I added an option to create a wake-up phrase. I wanted it to do more so I added the ability to create custom commands with scripting and text-to-speech. I hope you like it!
Nice! Are you using the Google Speech API? I've previously looked at this Chrome extension: https://chrome.google.com/websto..., which I think is similar to yours except it's specific to Gmail. Sounds like yours works with any text box on any webpage?
@parttimesnob Yes, it is using Google's Web Speech API. And yes, Speech Recognition Anywhere should work on any website (including Gmail) that uses a normal form input or textarea, or in a normal contentEditable element.
Awesome job! I really like your approach. Not to plug, but we've also been fiddling around with speech recognition. Instead of Google Speech API, we've used the built-in SpeechRecognition API (https://developer.mozilla.org/en...). Would love to hear what you think: https://space10-community.github...
@daniel_friis Sorry I did not get a notification of your comment. I checked out your link. I think we are using the same technology. I am not using the "Google Cloud Speech API". I am using the "Web Speech API". I also thought about doing a standard browser based implementation but then I found out that the Web Speech API really only works well in Chrome as can be seen from the mozilla docs: https://developer.mozilla.org/en... . It works in Firefox but only after the user enables it in about:config. But it does not work in Internet Explorer or Safari. So I gave up and just went with a Chrome Extension. But I noticed that your link to "Conversational Form" under Browser Compatibility says it is compatible with IE 10+. But I tried the demo in IE 11 and it did not work.