Make amazing long exposure shots with the help of AI

#2 Product of the DayMarch 01, 2019
Long exposures have always been limited by technical factors, from keeping the camera steady, to guessing the amount of light. We’ve taken care of all of that.
Spectre is an AI-powered shutter for your iPhone, letting you create amazing long exposures.
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7 Reviews2.9/5
Hi folks! I'm the designer and 50% of the team behind Spectre (and Halide). This has been a long term project and we're super excited to have it out. Bringing the power of computational photography to the shutter in your camera allows some really, really cool things, and we're starting with basically reimagining long exposures. Spectre will be a sister app to our camera app Halide. I can't wait to see what you all create with it!
@sdw Great UI/UX Sebastiaan both for Spectre and Halide! You're doing a fantastic job with these apps!
Instant buy
Halide is probably the best camera app on the market right now so Spectre is an instant buy on the strength of that alone. I haven't fully tried it out yet, but just the fact that I can take a 9 second exposure, hand-held, and still have a sharp result, is a pretty good reason to recommend this.
Seems a lot of review says it produces blurry photos even with a tripod...
@huangdun Multiple reviews that the photos are blurry, I wonder what happened.
@huangdun We see that a small subset of users might be running into an autofocus bug. We're investigating! Fortunately we see mostly very positive shots from users.
@huangdun @sdw Happened to me too :(
@huangdun @coconidodev sorry to hear that! I personally do support so pop over an email or a DM on twitter with your iPhone type and iOS version and we'll see if we can get to the bottom of this!
@huangdun @sdw Can you clarify what you mean by "fortunately we see mostly very positive shots from users"? Given that there's likely some amount of ML behind what you're doing, does this mean that you're collecting photos or portions of photos that users are taking? Or are you just referring to anecdotal feedback you've heard from your customers?
Saw, got it Another great product