Stickers that cover up those annoying lights on Spectacles πŸ•Ά

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No thanks. We're still in the early days of wearing a camera directly on our faces. One of the major backlashes to Google Glass was the fact that other people didn't know they were being recorded and felt their privacy was invaded. Snap rightly added the recording light to Spectacles to ease this concern. Covering up the light increases the creepiness again. Also, who does this solve a problem for? It makes it directly worse for anyone being filmed (creepiness factor way up) and the person wearing the glasses doesn't see the light. Your marketing website does not help ease concerns about any of this).
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@eric3000 Thanks for the feedback. This really all in good fun, - anyone could just make their own stickers anyways. Plus a little light still shows - just not enough to make it obnoxious anymore. If you really wanted to be creepy and secretly record someone there are tons of hidden camera glasses (that look like real glasses) available on Amazon for ~$20. Considering Spectacles are the hottest gadget of 2016 (even outside the tech world) it's safe to say no one is being "sneaky" wearing them, even with this sticker! I felt that subjects of videos of spectacles focused too much on the camera and it ruined the moment instead of relaxing and letting the moment flow. EDIT: Eric, I agree with your concern. I really want spectacles to work and I think the lights were a great step forward, I just personally wanted a cleaner look (knowing I will respect others privacy) though I hear your concern of this in the wrong hands. I'm optimistic these will be used in the right way.
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@danielsing3r @eric3000 people rarely buy spy gadgets. A lot of people will probably buy Spectacles. The problem is not surveillance between people, the end problem is the surveillance power by both the company running the service (Snap) and the government they're tied to (the US)
@danielsing3r I'm curious as to how much cash you can make from this lol. You should let us know sometime lol.
@james_osullivan haha maybe $100? not much mostly a joke haha.
@eric3000 added an edit above for clarity.
I mean, if this isn't peak tech-world, I don't know what is.
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Those lights aren't for the wearer. They're for the people around you who wouldn't otherwise be aware you have a camera strapped to your face. You should consider the privacy ramifications of what you're doing.
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@shortformernie We still let enough light shine out to make others aware of the recording but not so much (as they currently do) to completely take away the moment and make people act unnaturally.
@danielsing3r @shortformernie what about a semi transparent sticker for half-stealth-mode and the black ones for the full-stealth-mode πŸ€”πŸ˜Š
@danielsing3r The reason why people act unnaturally is not because of the lights, but because of the camera. The lights tell people the camera is there. It's a feature, not a flaw. You should really reconsider this product.
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@shortformernie I agree and I hear your point, I also think the design of Spectacles is quite distinctive and people know what they are. But we let enough light shine through so people may know that you're recording. You have a valid point though.
@danielsing3r I strongly disagree that people by default know what they are. There are plenty of people out in meatspace that don't even know what Snapchat is, let alone Spectacles, and those people may not enjoy having a camera in their face. You have to consider the assumption that someone looking at a person wearing these glasses doesn't read Product Hunt or TechCrunch.
Hi Producthunt! Fitz and I threw together this quick little site to fix a problem we kept having when we were being Spectabros. Those lights are just too damn distracting. So we hunted around and make some stickers to help all the other Spectafolk out there and live the #clean life without "all of the lights". (tweet me if you got that reference) You can go grab a 3 pack on our site https://spectaholes.com and tweet us dank memes @spectaholes Read the trendy medium post here: https://a-musing.co/digging-for-... Thanks!
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@danielsing3r @spectaholes Hi, your blog post is still in "Submission" mode, which means people won't be able to recommend it on Medium. Probably need to publish the post :0 Cudos for the quick product!
@danielsing3r @spectaholes You are solving a REAL problem
@tnorton0310 a first world problem:)
Nice explainer GIF πŸ‘πŸ‘
@nivo0o0 Thanks Niv, this was @Fitztepper's handiwork, though we're both honored to have such high praise from the GIF god himself.