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We're really excited to open up our Beta exclusively to you guys with the passcode 2382! Myself and the Spectafy team are here to answer any and all of your questions. Spectafy is powered completely by our community - so we love feedback as we're building for you guys! Spectafy let's you request info from any place in town (only San Francisco now) and get real-time help from someone already there. It was born from wanting to better know what's happening around us, whether to explore a new part of the city or get the inside scoop on weather, crowds, etc. before going somewhere.  Jump in, explore SF and let us know what you think! 
Just got my first spectafy (is that what we call them?): https://spectafy.com/file?url=ht... @ericwattage - I've seen a few other apps tackle real-time, location-based Q&A like this. Why will you succeed where others haven't? Another way of putting it, what's changed in the market or in technology that makes now the right time for this type of app?
@rrhoover - Thanks for checking out the app - they are called specs!
@rrhoover - That is a fantastic question! Technology changes: no big changes besides normal progression in connection, location, mobile push, etc. Market changes: people are more and more of the mindset that information should be available and are looking to technology and communities to help. Ex: Product Hunt! What differentiates us: The goal for Spectafy isn't to just be location Q&A with photos. We want to be your go to app for discovering what is going on around the city right now that's awesome! tl;dr: Spectafy uses answers to not only help the asker but help everyone else know what cool things are happening around them.
We're happy to answer any questions. We love feedback - we're building Spectafy for you guys! Our designer @cydoval, full stack dev @srkirkland, and mobile dev @hedgehogjim are all here too!