Spectacles Prescription Lenses

Prescription lenses for your Spectacles in a snap, literally

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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Only $29 for prescription lenses for your Spectacles. You can also turn them into regular glasses by replacing with clear lenses. h/t Circuit Breaker for this find.
Fraser Smith
@frassmith · Software Developer, Shanghai, China
I guess it was only a matter of time… I still think they look moderately ridiculous, though. I guess, not for my age-group unless your name is @scobleizer
Minh Park
@mynhpark · Blockchain Marketing (http://krown.io)
Wonder if this would work for $200 dollar prescription lenses. Man do I have bad eyes.
Steven Rueter
@rueter · Developer
You can do this with any optometrist. I had prescription lenses made for my Oakley Frogskins on multiple occasions. And if you have vision insurance, they'll often cover up to $120 on frames, and Spectacles fall into that price point.
Pierce Lohman
@pierce_ch · Purchasing manager
It looks like a great product. I would love to be able to buy it in Switzerland... What can we do ?