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Yes, we're actually working right now on a new version of the website, we're still early in the process, but sorting/voting is one of the goal we have in mind. Trying to let the best videos/products be discovered and promoted democratically in parallel of what we manually curate.
Hello fellow product hunters! I'm Seb, one of the founders of Hope you guys will enjoy the site! We build about 4 years ago when startups really started using videos to pitch their ideas/product/service. We are ourselves a video production studio specialized in this kind of videos ( and at the time, we used to bookmark any interesting videos we could find about startups (we're also startups/entrepreneur junkies). Anyhow, we thought there were no reason to keep this collection of nice gems to ourselves and decided to open it up fairly quickly 4-years ago. It then became the main reference in the field, perfect for startup lovers to find new products, but also for video producers, or even entrepreneurs to find inspiration for their own videos. If you have any questions, fire up, I'll be glad to answer them all. Cheers.
@slhomme @rrhoover and I are going to be releasing our video AMA's with great entrepreneurs/investors at LAUNCH conference over the next couple months - stay tuned!
@rrhoover @eriktorenberg Sounds great, will keep an eye on it then!!
@slhomme So cool! I'm a video producer as well that's trying to do more front end startup stuff rathe than the internal things I usually get hired to do! This is a really great inspiration tool!
I've been looking for something like this! Spent some time trying to curate a YouTube playlist but gave up way too quickly. Any sorting / voting features incoming?
Startup Videos is all about showcasing the very best of startup related promotional videos and recognizing the talented designers/agencies who create them. 142 pages full of videos, have fun :)
Interesting idea. The increase in all things startup curation has my attention for sure. Cheers man!