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Spectacle is a hand-picked collection of the best product & marketing videos on the web. See how popular startups launch their products using video. Search by filters, browse curated libraries and save your favorite ones into your own collections.
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Useful source of inspiration. I'd add every video from @lonelysandwich. ✨
@rrhoover there are quite a lot of them from @lonelysandwich and crew - if not all of them already ;-) We've been longtime fans. Maybe we should curate a whole Sandwich-produced collection on there! What do you think @adamlisagor?
@rrhoover @adamlisagor Very much into this idea. Thanks!
Hi fellow hunters! First off, thanks so much @kevin for hunting us! :) I’m @californyann, the maker of Spectacle along with @slhomme. Why Spectacle? You can have the best product in the world, but if nobody knows about it, what good is it? One of the best ways to promote your product is to make a video - ask Dollar Shave Club ;-) So we started curating all the best product and marketing videos out there, as a source of inspiration. What is it exactly? The idea is simple: a place that surfaces the latest and greatest product and marketing videos on the web, updated every day. Who is it for? Product teams, marketers and makers looking for inspiration on how to promote and market their own products using video. But it’s not just launch videos, it’s also onboarding videos, customer stories, how-to videos, recruiting videos and much more. It’s also great for startup nerds like us who like to geek out about the latest product trends :) What’s cool about Spectacle? ✓ Over 3,000 product and marketing videos featured ✓ Updated daily to reflect the newest products and trends ✓ Filers: search by category, use-case, topic, style, mood, formats... ✓ Video collections curated by influencers ✓ Save videos to your own collections and share with your team What’s next? This is our MVP so there already are a ton of things we’re thinking of adding and improving but we’d love to hear what you think and what would make it better :) Enjoy!
@kevin @califrornyan @seblhomme @californyann is it startupvideos or is it spectacle?
@basicbonsai Hi Nancy, that's "Spectacle". We used StartupVideos as our prototype name, but as much as we loved that name, it felt too restrictive: some of the videos we curate come from big (mostly tech) companies that we can't quite call "startups" anymore! Anyhow, I see that we left the old name in a few places, we'll update those right up to avoid any confusion! Thanks for the catch.

Finally! A place to find solid inspiration for product videos with great tools for collecting and sharing videos with clients, vendors, and internal teams. Highly recommended for anyone in video production or startups looking for video inspiration for their own brands.


Excellent concept and great execution. Looking forward to seeing where this goes!


Wish I had this years ago!

Great website to the professionals in the industry


Great concept! it makes it so easy to find marketing resources


I have not find any so far

Really neat idea @slhomme. I found a couple videos that I bookmarked instantly. Sandwich Videos are just dope and a great addition to the site.