Buy and sell your Snapchat Spectacles

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What crazy fool is selling their Spectacles?! How do you make sure that the submissions are authentic?
@bentossell yeah, I would buy one but it's too shady
@bentossell Hey Ben, it seems a lot of "crazy fools" are selling their Specs! Haha! There's listings everywhere! Right now I'm just pulling listings from various marketplaces (Craigslist, Ebay etc) and linking to them. There's no 100% sure way to tell if submissions are authentic, not even on CL, but I'm doing as much background checking/authenticating as I can to make sure listing are on the up and up. Most of the listings I've actually reached out to myself and spoken with the sellers.
@jackdweck Which part is shady?
@cliffdailey haha Ahh yeah I see now. Guess I'm just wary of marketplaces selling things like this - but same with anything really, its always a risk! Im too skeptical of people selling them ha
@bentossell Yep, I understand your skepticism but I just got a text back from a seller telling me he'll let them go for $550 ha! People are definitely selling them!
Hey guys, thought this could be a useful toy considering all the spectacle around Snapchat's Spectacles and the new Snapbot location drop! I wasn't able to snag a pair of Specs so I made this in hopes of getting my hands on a pair. I've seen people selling them everywhere (Ebay, Craigslist, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace etc..), I figured this would make it easier to get a pair by having all the Spectacles in one place. Hope you snag a pair! Good Luck! And may the odds forever be in your favor.
There's a secondary market for everything. 😳
@chrismessina ☝️️ "Secondary market for everything" sounds like a great one liner for an app/website