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Glad to see Spec on here :) @uberbryn @jcutrell and I have been planning Spec for a while now and it's great to have it in the wild. We want to build a truly great resource for designers and developers; the two podcasts we have now are just the beginning. More shows + content coming soon, but also happy to answer any questions here on PH!
@brian_lovin what makes your podcasts special? Why have you learned since you started?
@blendahtom Of course, @brian_lovin's answers are killer. Things I've learned: 1. Quality/value isn't determined by the length of a podcast, and in fact, challenging your intuitions often lead down a good path towards discovering a niche. 2. Most critics are quiet. 3. There's a lot of podcasts out there. If you rely on guests/big names for viability, you're only as valuable as the people you can pull. If you build your own voice and authority, people come back for *you*, too. 4. Consistency is key to success in many fields - including podcasting. There's a lot more than 4 things, but those are the first ones at the top of my head.
@jcutrell @brian_lovin That third point is excellent!
@jcutrell @brian_lovin What's your favorite episodes for Design Details and Developer Tea that you would encourage that people listen to?
@grantheimbach @brian_lovin 3 of my fav DD eps: 24: Kevin Rose (http://spec.fm/show/design-detai...) 20: Dustin Senos (http://spec.fm/show/design-detai...) 31: Caleb Davenport & Sam Soffes (http://spec.fm/show/design-detai...)
Big fan of @Brian_Lovin & team!
Not be a downer or anything, but there are just 2 podcasts on spec. P.S. Please include http://www.designreviewpodcast.com.
@v4violetta I initially misunderstood this was some kind of podcast directory site and thought 2 podcasts was a small start. Since it's a podcast network, the bar is presumably set a lot higher as far as who is listed on the site.
@blendahtom Good one - on the network level, our podcasts are all about helping designers and developers level up, find jobs and be better at their craft. Sometimes this means digging into the nitty-gritty of code concepts or design tools, but often it just means highlighting some of the awesome people in our industry who we can look up to for inspiration. While we're launching with just Developer Tea and Design Details, we have more shows planned and more types of content in the works. In terms of what we've learned - I can't speak much for Spec, since we've just launched this week. And I can't speak much for Developer Tea, as that's @jcutrell's masterpiece. But for @uberbryn and I at Design Details, I think a few things (Bryn might want to correct me or add to this): 1. Our episodes our quite casual and not necessarily an "interview-style" show. We have guests on each week but we try to blend the personal and professional; the design resources with the personal stories. Over time we've found that the more open a guest can be, the better listeners will respond and connect with that person. 2. We initially started with one episode per week and have since ramped to two per week. We also aim for each one to be ~1 hour long as we've found that's close to the upper-bound of most people's time and attention. 3. One of our main focuses is keeping the show's content diverse. This means chatting not only with women, people of color and folks outside of San Francisco, but also it means hosting people from startups, agencies and big companies across all job descriptions. This blending of culture and jobs into one show helps provide a more clear picture of what the design industry can actually be like for designers out there listening.