Spec Mode by UXPin

Auto-generate specs for Sketch prototypes

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UXpin is definitely leading the market. I've been a customer for 4 years now and I don't regret any penny!
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Tools like this make creating things much easier! I'm curious what designers think about integrations like this that make multiple tools work better together.
Looks like everyone's getting on the specs & assets bandwagon these days. First it was Zeplin & Avocode, then InVision and now UXPin. Anyone who has used all of them and can talk about what's different here? Personally, I think the Sketch Measure plugin does everything I need as of now.
@abogawat streamlining Design - Development collaboration is an important problem, so no wonder there are companies trying to solve it :). We have a different approach than competitors. Generating redlines is just part of the overall story (and we cover it with a great precision). In UXPin you can document any code, instruction, use case description etc. and save it together with a design element to a team-shared library. Every time designer uses this element - the documentation follows. If there's a standard code your team uses for e.g. sign-up forms - you can save it with the 'sign up form element' in UXPin. Every time designer is going to use it, the documentation will be there for developers. We've spent a lot of time with teams inside of enterprises identifying problems that are breaking collaboration. This is the first release. More coming up soon! :)
Nice but I am pretty happy with my Sketch + Sympli.io combo for now.
@howiec thanks Howie! There's a completely new use case here that you might find very powerful. You can add any documentation to a particular pattern and save it in a team-shared library. For example, you could specify code-standards for markup, document usage of SASS mixins, or even add JS snippets associated with particular elements. Whenever designers use elements from the team library, documentation follows!
These redlines make no sense. No one in their right mind would measure how a button sits relative to the page. I'm hoping that the actual product gives dimensions between elements and not just the overall containers.
@marcintreder Glad to hear it. I assumed so, but it looked like every screenshot was saying otherwise. Does is also give measurements in different units and respect display density?
@tomjohndesign different units and retina density are coming up very soon. We already have it in our internal version :).
@tomjohndesign I'm happy to announce that now UXPin Spec Mode automatically calculates sizes of elements for different screens: http://recordit.co/moAwcWB3xQ Already available to all trial users and customers.