Website visitors chat with you on Facebook Messenger

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Hi, I'm the founder of Speaklyn. Excited to be on Product Hunt (thanks @_jacksmith). Hopefully Speaklyn can be a (free) useful tool for your site. Looking forward to all of your feedback.
Very cool idea. I would improve the look and styling of the widget though. One of the things I love about Intercom is how slick their widget and interfaces look. Fits into most sites very easily. Almost makes you want to click the little chat icon and reach out.
@hermanschutte Thanks Herman. If you use the tool, you can design your own button with colors, text, icons, etc. I agree Intercom uses a great design. Maybe we can add in the future to Speaklyn as well ;)
Great idea!! I did not know existed messenger.com... cool!!! 👏 👏 👏 👏
@miscalzoncillos Thanks David. Great to hear.
I love the idea, Im going to test it right now! Congrats!
This is very useful tool, will use in future. Good luck guys.