Website visitors chat with you on Facebook Messenger

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Jorrit B.
Jorrit B.MakerPro@jorritb
Hi, I'm the founder of Speaklyn. Excited to be on Product Hunt (thanks @_jacksmith). Hopefully Speaklyn can be a (free) useful tool for your site. Looking forward to all of your feedback.
Herman Schutte
Herman Schutte@hermanschutte · Working on StackPile and SnapWidget
Very cool idea. I would improve the look and styling of the widget though. One of the things I love about Intercom is how slick their widget and interfaces look. Fits into most sites very easily. Almost makes you want to click the little chat icon and reach out.
Jorrit B.
Jorrit B.MakerPro@jorritb
@hermanschutte Thanks Herman. If you use the tool, you can design your own button with colors, text, icons, etc. I agree Intercom uses a great design. Maybe we can add in the future to Speaklyn as well ;)
David@miscalzoncillos · UX Designer at Telefónica I+D
Great idea!! I did not know existed messenger.com... cool!!! 👏 👏 👏 👏
Jorrit B.
Jorrit B.MakerPro@jorritb
@miscalzoncillos Thanks David. Great to hear.
Felipe Chávez
Felipe Chávez@afchavezt
I love the idea, Im going to test it right now! Congrats!
Lasha@lasha_kakhidze · Software Engineer
This is very useful tool, will use in future. Good luck guys.