Spartan Underwear

High-tech undies that protect your manhood

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They need to also make a full body version! ☢️ ☠️
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@bobtroia you make a good point. #requestforproduct
@bobtroia I'd prefer blue please.
By the time science proves or disproves the danger of low level radiation, most of us will have had decades of constant exposure. This "take small steps to protect yourself (and your privates) should the establishment opinion be wrong" idea seems reasonable but slippery slopesque. See also, spendy!
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@kkdub Agreed. It's interesting to think about how risk perception affects product attractiveness more broadly. Is this truly a "job-to-be-done" or a manufactured anxiety creating an unnecessary job? How successful can a product be if it's inventing the JTBD vs responding to a long-standing JTBD?
Will I get a free tinfoil hat and some Arnica D40 homeopathic chakra aligning remedies with my order of woo woo protection from "cellphone and WiFi" radiation? Or at least a copy of *one* peer reviewed, evidence based, study that shows *any* veracity to those claims of protection or the claimed harm from "cellphone and WiFi radiation" to my privates?
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We 😟 were 😟 all 😟 doomed 😟 until 😟 now 😯
@nivo0o0 This changed everything lolololol.
@nivo0o0 That'll make a pretty efficient ad for these 😹